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This is a personal hobby.

Still, I will not deny any inquiries – my photos are available for purchase. If you are interested in any of my photographs or photomicrographs, you should contact me. Send me a mail using the form on this site, and I’ll get back to you.

Generally, I always keep a number of photos in print available from stock. These photos are a bit lower in price than those that are printed on demand. Please note that I don’t keep my regular photographs (in contrary to photomicrographs) in stock. Pricing differs from photo to photo in that category.

All sales are available both as a digital license and in print.

With that being said, you’ll find all neccesary information if you click on the different tabs under here.

I currently only use PayPal as a method of payment. The reason is simple, I can’t guarantee the integrity of the data, so I won’t even try. PayPal does that for me. No information about the transaction (card- or account data) are stored in my servers or databases. Should you need other options you need to contact me – we’ll figure something out.

All photographs and photomicrographs are delivered within Sweden and other European countries. For deliveries to other countries, please contact me. The reason is that I don’t want to read up on export laws until they’re needed. I’ve blocked the check-out functionality in the webstore if you’re not from Europe due to this.

All pictures are sold with a basic black frame, with an off-white passe-partout. For the exact dimensions you need to contact me. Same goes if you want to decline the frame.

I keep records of all expenses and incomes around my hobby. You’ll find detailed information about the Swedish law on our national taxation department’s home page. Export of wares within the EU is simple, so VAT doesn’t come in to play when viewing prices in my web store. For deliveries outside of the EU you should contact me, so that neither one of us makes a mistake.

Naturally I’ll take responsibility should you not be satisfied with my products. As this is not my primary income source, I don’t want my name to be blighted with non-satisfied customers. I’d rather have the word of mouth going my way. If you feel any hesitation, you should contact me and explain your predicament.

I solemnly swear that I won’t sell or give your e-mail or other data away.

Yeah, so cookies are a big deal here in the European Union at the moment. Basically everyone needs to inform everyone else that they use cookies and why. Seeing as there are virtually no modern websites that don’t use cookies, this feels like an idiotic thing. Oh well, here it goes: cookies are used for every session. They are tiny files that basically can’t do anything other than be used for tracking and the saving of user preferences on web sites. My site uses cookies, but that’s not something that I’ve actively started or programmed in. It just comes with WordPress and different analytics plugins. I use the cookies, though, for my personal information about which countries are hosting the visitors on my site. There’s also the possibility too see if a user is returning or a first-time user, but that usage is quite limited.